Difference between a leader & a wannabe

Here is Prime Minister Narendra Modi giving an incisive speech in Tonk, Rajasthan on February 23, Saturday. Hear what he had to say. You can almost feel the words and relate to every word that he spoke extempore. Hallmark of a true visionary leader that he is, that has endeared him to the entire world.

On the other hand is Congress president and wannabe prime minister Rahul Gandhi, whose clip of speech on the same day addressing Delhi University students was released by his party on Twitter. Since, as usual, this gentleman’s words were as confused as he has always been, we were unable to interpret them for you. So we decided to reproduce his words verbatim.

I am not come here dressed in my normal uniform.

There is a logic to that.

I have come here…mmm

I want you..mmm

So of course I am not…mmm

It’s not going to be one way

It’s going to be two way

I will put in what I think in the middle.”

We are not quite sure what his audience made of that mambo jumbo, but if someone did, please do explain to us also.

But, we can only hope and pray Indian voters do not commit harakiri ever again. Jai Hind.

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