Know Your Urban Jaichands

When an Urban Naxal meets a Jaichand, an “URBAN JAICHAND” takes birth.

This thread lists out such Jaichands.



Barkha Dutt’s involvement in controversy is endless. Below is some of it.

Kashmiri Pandits
Nira Radia tapes

During the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, Barkha dutt justifies by saying that they stole the jobs of local Kashmiris. As if the Pandits were foreign and not local to the valley.

During Kargil war, she carried a satellite phone, which made her location traceable, an Iridium instrument. She was the only journalist with a sat-phone. Even army officers with sat-phones were not present in conflict zones.

While reporting on Tiger Hill in darkness, her camera and light flips on,
The Pakistanis spotted the light and had a fix on the location. Five minutes after she left, artillery rains the place leaving an officer and 3 jawans martyred.

Barkha is said to have gone live immediately after she was briefed on the progress on Tiger Hills. Pakistanis redirected their fire in direction of Indian soldiers. About 14-20 of our soldiers died on the ropes they were using to climb target.

During 2002 Godhra riots, Barkha was in Surat, asked the camera to pan both sides of the street & said into the camera ‘As you can see, there is absolutely no police presence in this area’, during such a charged up and sensitive period!

Modi said he confronted her on this & asked ‘What are you trying to do? Are you signalling the rioters to attack that area? Your news broadcast takes less than 30 seconds to reach millions, it takes more than 3 hours for me to mobilise a police force

During 26/11 attacks, Barkha was reporting live, giving out crucial info & location of people trapped inside Taj Hotel & talking to her sources inside Home ministry. LeT handlers took note of this, which inturn contributed to atleast some deaths.

Did Barkha show way for terrorists to Attack Pampore?

Bcoz few days back she visited Kashmir giving hint on how water can be used for infiltrations. In LoC she questiond BSF jawans regardin their timing &places of patrolling
(Source:Postcard news)

In the ‘Nira Radia’ tapes, Barkha appears to offer to pass messages b/w Ms.Radia,a corporate lobbyist and Cong leader Mr.Azad.They wer facilitating the re-entry of A.Raja into UPA-II cabinet despite serious questions about the 2G scam during UPA-I

Barkha dutt’s love for JNU students who shouted anti national slogans and her support for them in name of Freedom of speech is a blot on her journalist ethics.

When a globally recognised terrorist like Hafiz Saeed praises an Indian journalist, then one should be really worried about their ethics in journalism.

And for all her infamous achievements, Congress honoured her with a Padmashri award in 2008.


Rajdeep sardesai recently celebrated his 30 years in journalism.
So we list out a brief analysis of his journalist career.

Brief analysis of an article by Rajdeep in Times of India 1993,

Where he couldnt resist the word ‘Bhai’ for Dawood and starts the article comparing a terrorist with Hindus, calling them as militants.

Rajdeep hesitates and is suspicious of links between Dawood with ISI & Pakistan.

But does not hesitate to mention ‘Hindu Militants’ and cautions not to be suspicious of a Muslim conspiracy in bomb blasts.

Rajdeep goes onto say that ‘Hindu Militants’ were bigots and were responsible for communal divide.

And he questions ShivSena for accusing Dawood and the Muslim underworld for the blasts.

Spin master Rajdeep makes a secular move in the article by giving examples that Dawood was secular in his business and was not a Muslim Extremist or a religious fanatic.

He goes on to write that ‘Hindu Machismo’ is responsible for a ‘someone like Yakub Memon’ to be part of a terrorist operation.

Blame game on Hindus continue in the article & Babri demolition, discrimination & destroying homes is mentioned as a reason for Muslim youths to become an extremist.

Surprisingly same scenario happened to Kashmiri pandits but he forgets to mention

He ends the article & was just one step away from calling Dawood as a patriot bcoz he had waved a Tricolour flag in a cricket match & compares to Balasaheb Thackeray for doing the same

In entire article Dawood is nowhere mentioned as a terrorist

After 22 years, Rajdeep props up the same question as to why Dawood was involved in the bomb blast and reasons it out by again blaming the Babri Masjid demolition.

He still forgets to mention Dawood as a terrorist.

On 2001 Parliament attack, Rajdeep in a TV interview says
‘Parliament was attacked and it was a great day’
He admits they closed the gates of the parliament so no other channel would have coverage & they are vultures feeding on such moments.

Apart from his journalism Rajdeep brought disgrace to the country when he was involved in a street brawl with fellow countrymen in a foreign country.

Aftermath of Pulwama tragedy has made these Jaichands expose their true colours.
From calling Pakistan PM as Mature, moral high ground and saab he has lost all his morality.

Rajdeep was awarded the Padma Shri by Congress govt in 2008 for his loyalty to a particular political party and dynasty.


Sagarika has time and again shown extreme hatredness towards Hindus and their festivals.
So lets expose this Jaichand in following tweets

The success of Pokhran nuclear tests was hard to digest for some Jaichands in our country.

Sagarika was one of them

In an shocking article written by her, she calls Shri Abdul Kalam as ‘Bomb Daddy’


she continues her hatred in the article by making absurd mentions and illogical conclusions comparing Atomic Science subjected only to Brahmins.


her hatred for Indians and Hindus is clearly visible in each line of the article where she compares Osama bin laden with Atomic scientists including Abdul kalam

When our neighbours hoarding with military purchases, Sagarika with absolutely no sense of National security takes a dig at our military requirements

Sagarika has a problem with our PM hugging other world leaders,
But she was fine when we had a puppet PM with no action or words and wabsolutelyas an embarassment for the whole nation.

Sagarika’s hatredness towards Hindus, Hinduism & Hindu festivals reaches a new low when she tweeted a false news without even fact checking.

Name any Hindu festival, Sagarika has got a problem with that.

In a shocking incident Sagarika tweets a highly communal fake narrative blaming Hindus.
Later when called out by many for her bluffs, she deletes the tweet but refuses to apologise .

Demeaning Hinduism and its rituals is a favourite past time of our pseudo liberals. In this tweet Sagarika shows how its done !!

Hypocrisy thy name is sagarika. She advises on how journalists should stay away from politics and loyalty to a political party, Meanwhile she has a barrage full of opinions for a political party.

Sagarika got problems even when Modi govt promotes Yoga, she questions their intentions
Interestingly some years ago it was the same sagarika who had advised to promote yoga

Sagarika’s love for Lalu prasad Yadav is well known who is infamous for bringing Jungle Raj in Bihar and corruption in fodder scam.

When her college mate and author Prasenjit Basu questions Rahul gandhi with a hard question, Sagarika with her elitist mindset tries to defame her friend in support of Rahul Gandhi.
Her anti Hindu hatred is clearly visible in the tweet.

Sagarika’s journalism without logic was on diplay when she reported that EVM’s were hacked by bluetooth.

Sagarika questions on how one incident can be blamed to paint an entire state as blood thirsty,
Meanwhile she forgets on how she painted whole country intolerant based on a single incident in Dadri

LIE : Sagarika ghose tweets that Modi is wearing a Louis Vuitton shawl

TRUTH : when a curious Indian enquired LV , they clarified no such shawl belongs to them.
Later sagarika ghose apologises , but she does not mean it

On the day of Pulwama attack, Sagarika thought it was more convenient to question Modi govt rather than condemning the terrorist attack

She mocks her own countrymen by sharing such image, who expressed solidarity and wanted revenge for their martyrs.

This terror attack has a fan girl.
And she is enjoying every moment of this.

She will mock sentiments of a billion people but will not condemn that single terrorist .

Sagarika is so insensitive and her hate for Modi made her praise a PM of a terrorist state

Since she speaks in manner on behalf of pakistan, all of Sagarika’s tweets gets retweeted by Pakistani handles.


(Siddharth Varadarajan, MK Venu & Nandini Sundar)

Wire is an online digital media platform with left leaning ideology which was founded by American citizen Sidharth Varadarajan

Since its inception their articles have been pro-leftist

but the medical test proved allegations wrong and the said victim girl too clarified that no one raped her. Nandini Sundar deleted the controversial tweet but The Wire still has the same report on its website

DU professor Nandini Sundar who is main accused & conspirator in Shamnath Baghel murder case of Bastar in Chhattisgarh State. Shamnath Baghel was social worker from Maoist-Naxal infested region & he was peacefully & democratically opposing


. violent Maoists terror in the region.
Surrendered Naxal-Maoists commander Podium Panda confessed in a press meet in Raipur & then before HC that he had accompanied Nandini Sundar many times to meet top Maoist commanders in deep jungles of Bastar.

MK Venu had featured in Radia tapes controversy back in 2010, where he is heard requesting corporate lobbyist Nira Radia to introduce a journalist named ‘Rohini Singh’ to her (lobbyist’s) circle (of politicians, businessmen, lobbyists,etc)


Radia was believed to be using journalists as brokers for securing favourable deals for her corporate clients from the UPA government. A journalist named ‘Rohini Singh’ is currently working with The Wire as well.

Siddharth Varadarajan & MK Venu were alleged that they were paid hefty amount of taxpayers’ money for doing shows on Rajya Sabha TV, which was led by former Vice President of India Hamid Ansari.


They being founding editors of The Wire, were paid Rs.15,000 per appearance, totalling to Rs. 33 lakh and Rs. 14.70 lakh respectively which was taxpayer’s money in the last few years to spread their agenda using the channel’s resources.

Professional ethics of Siddharth Varadarajan is questionable when his former colleague, Shalini Singh says he suppressed Vadra scam expose for 7 months when he was Editor at Hindu at that time.

When our IAF strikes at Balakot, Siddharth is doubtful about it and questions enemy presence in that area.

Their hatred for RSS and its ideology didnt even spare one of the most loved politician across all political parties Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

With their malicious agenda in dividing the society,
The Wire suggests that Cricket needs caste based quota but not merit.

If this not laughable then what is !!

Anything related to Nationalism and Patriotism is highy allergic to their ideology.
So The Wire comes up with an article aimed at criticizing URI the movie.


This film maker had lip locked with his daughter Pooja bhatt for a magazine cover and said
“If Pooja wasn’t my daughter, I’d have loved to marry her.”

Mahesh bhatt ‘s son Rahul bhatt is a friend of David Headley who was a conspirator off 26/11 mumbai attacks

Interestingly Mahesh bhatt is also famously infamous for releasing a book on how RSS is to be blamed for 26/11.

In 2014,Mahesh Bhatt was one among 60 film personalities which had appealed including several Bollywood actors, directors and scriptwriters to Indian voters to vote against Modi.

When disgraced IPS officer was arrested, Mahesh Bhatt stood in support for him

Mahesh bhatt was one among film fraternity who submitted a petition to President Pranab Mukherjee to request him to consider the mercy plea against the death sentence of terrorist Yakub Memon who was involed in 1993 Mumbai blasts.

Mahesh bhatt stood in support of terrorist Ishrat jahan who was encountered by Gujarat police while she was plotting to assassinate Modi.

Being a peacenik, Mahesh bhatt writes a letter to continue talks with Pakistan which is the breeding ground for terrorists.
And he misses out on condemning the terrorist attack.


Actress Nandita das comes from the same ideology which has hallucinations regarding the Modi govt. She is one of the peaceniks who tries to create an false atmosphere of hatred.

Nandita Das had signed a mercy petition against hanging of terrorist Ajmal kasab who was involved in 26/11 attacks in mumbai and was responsible for more than 150 deaths.


The unfortunate deaths of children at Gorakhpur was a feasting time for this soul vulture who tries to score a brownie point by mocking Nationalism with children’s death.

Nikhil waghle being a communist & socialist minded journalist mocks PM Modi’s dress while he tweets from a Apple iPad

Lies & misinformation is the reality of waghle’s journalism
He once played victimhood aftr his primetime show was subjected to timing change & he subsequently blamed Modi, but later an E- Mail smashed his claims which stated that his show was a flop

In his excitement to report against Modi, Nikhil Waghle shares a fake report on PM Modi’s Yoga video. This explains his journalist ethics.

When Maoist ideologue Sudha bharadwaj was arrested by Pune police for her role in Bhima Koregaon violence , Nikhil waghle tweets in support of such anti nationals.

Pulwama tragedy brought out many wolves hiding in sheep skin, Nikhil waghle was one among them.


Her obsession with Modi and 2002 continues even after 17 years of that tragedy. She wants to keep it alive since it his her bread & butter.


and this will continue for years to come.


According to the report, in the year 2010 Teesta Setalvad’s Sabrang Trust pushed a curriculum for primary school children in Gujrat and Maharashtra. NCERT rejected it calling it venomous and divisive in nature.


Teesta Setalvad was booked for an alleged 1.4 crores funds embezzlement case against her and her husband. She had allegedly collected funds for the 2002 riot victims and instead used it for personal luxury and expenses.

In 2011, it was reported that a key prosecution witness named Shaikh Yasmeen Banu in the Best Bakery case had alleged that she was lured and misguided by Teesta into giving a false testimony.

In 2014, Teesta shated a pic comparing a Hindu Goddess with an ISIS terrorist. This shocking tweet being outrageous was intended to hurt religious sentiments and promote communal violence.


The Sardar Sarovar Sam on Narmada river has been marred by protests by activists like Narmada Bachao Aandolan founder Medha Patkar, eventhough the foundation stone was laid back in 1961.
Finally it was inaugurated in 2017.

Medha Patkar, under the banner of National Alliance of People’s Movement, had appealed to President A P J Abdul Kalam to revise terrorist Afzal’s death sentence.

Medha Patkar pledged mercy for Kasab for the ‘mistake’ the terrorist made in Mumbai. She came out with a justification saying that this kind of act does not need hanging as he came from a community which is a minority in India

There are allegations that she helps illegal Bangladeshi immigrants with fake ID’s to settle in slums where she helds agitation to register the slums through her political connects & uses various NGO’s to get her task done.


This SC lawyer is involved in everything that is against national interest from signing mercy petitions for terrorists to hurting religious sentiments, he is seen everywhere

Prashant Bhushan had got a midnight hearing at the SC to commute Death Sentence of terrorist Yakub Memon to Life Imprisonment. But the apex court refused & maintained the capital punishment. Bhushan had then called it a ‘sad day’ for democracy.

Prashant Bhushan is an institute filled with poison where snakes regularly refill their venom.


In 2012 Shekar Gupta planted a fake coup story against serving army chief Gen VK Singh with no substantial evidence or proof but with only sources.
This was no less than any anti national activity.


JNU scholar and fake activist Shehla Rashid is one of the few Jaichands who spread rumour on social media and claim victimhood when being called out

Shehla Rashid accused Nitin Gadkari and RSS of plotting Modi’s assassination, when Gadkari threatened with legal action she deleted her tweet.

CRPF vehicles with soldiers were attacked by a stone pelting jihadi mob in Srinagar, in the commotion the vehiclecran over a stone pelter.

Shehla rashid chose to share half the story and put CRPF jawans in badlight.

Shehla rashid tweets a fake story of kashmiri girls being trapped in Dehradun by angry mob.
This was later clarified as fake when Uttarakhand police intervened.

Kathua rape victim’s family accused that funds collected in their name never reached them.
Meanwhile shehla herself had tweeted that over 40 lakhs has been collected.
The journalist who reported the story has, however, stood by his report.


JNU Students Union leader Kanhaiya Kumar is accused of helping those who raised anti-India slogans, of urinating in public, of flashing his private parts to a lady, of whitewashing Congress sponsored anti-Sikh genocide of 1984

In this video Kanhaiya kumar falsely accuses army of committing rapes in kashmir without any substantial evidence.


Jignesh meavani’s name appeared several times in a letter seized from activists who had maoist links. This is a dangerous precedence that needs to be investigated bcoz some of his actions have proved the same in the past


In KK Mohammed’s autobiography who was direstor of ASI states that these leftist historians connived with extremist Muslim groups to derail all attempts to find an amicable solution to the Masjid issue.


Self declared historian and intellectual Ramchandra guha tries to mock religious sentiments and later deletes the tweet when it receives criticism .


Arundhati roy has said India is an occupying force in kashmir.She also was against hanging of terrorist Afzal guru.


Nivedita menon is a professor at JNU who thinks Hinduism is the most violent religion in the world and Kashmir is not integral part of India.

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