Know these hidden enemies of India

Do not fall for this, they are neither sad nor in grief.

Just wait until tomorrow when they stitch this attack with URI, Modi, foreign policy, misguided jobless youth, “innocent stone-pelters” & so on.

They will even drag surgical strikes & URI movie.
Just wait for it.

I was wrong about waiting till tomorrow …

Our pseudo-liberals never disappoint, do they?

Here it goes…


Next in line is Congress spokesperson and close confidante of Rahul Gandhi.

Congress never disappoints when it comes to national security, they are the biggest sympathisers for terrorists.


This vile woman masquerading as a journalist is no lesser than those terror apologists.

She is so sick with her thoughts that she wants us to forgive those terrorists.


These handles are managed by Congress social media team…

Shame on you @divyaspandana,
How insensitive!

Does Rahul Gandhi have the same thoughts?

Here she goes again !!
She gives a clean chit to pakistan, even though JeM has taken responsibility..

And she will keeping posting such crap until general elections.

This dumbshit @JhaSanjay digs an old article of the Defense Minister but fails to condemn the terror attack and pakistan.

Seems they are enjoying this moment !

This old rug which appears on debates as a panelist, has blamed demonetisation for the attacks !!

Meanwhile, no blame on pakistan and JeM, even when they have taken the responsibility.

This dumbo carries on with her agenda, on how bhakts are to be dragged in her tweets.

And remember, she is yet to condemn Pak & JeM!

Her husband once said “Parliament attack was a great day”.

Welcome our SC lawyer and Congress spokesperson Jaiveer …

At the beginning of this thread, I had warned you on how these congis will drag surgical strike and URI movie… this idiot makes us proud.

When a terror attack happens, how can our Bollywood remain silent?

These fake apologists advocate peace for those at the receivers’ end.

Same gyaan does not apply for those across the border, because bollywood means business.

Same story from another Bollywood septic tank.

She wants us to ask peace from JeM terrorists and Pakistan.

From where do these kind of specimen comes from ?


This so called Twitter intellectual, needless to say a Congress supporter, mocks Indian Army as if they are meant to die guarding our borders !!

She also mocks citizens who want revenge. So insensitive !!


When there is a septic tank that has been opened how can Swara Bhasker not come out of it

She needs to be tutored that a bulletproof vest cannot save a man from an IED blast.

Her query has been answered 👇


This anti-India sloganeer puts out a fake emotional tweet condemning the attack without blaming the ones responsible for it!

He had once said Indian Army are rapists !!
He is also booked for sedition.


Another journalist and author mocks the Central govt with reference to a movie made on surgical strikes.

Seems he is very happy about the ongoing situation in Kashmir, looks more like he was waiting for it!


Another channel, another journalist, but same story!

She thinks talking of revenge brings TRPs.

These peaceniks need to be tutored that terrorists are not ambassadors of peace.


When all pseudo-liberals hve made their pitch for peace, how can our placard peacenik Gurmehar be quiet?

She wants to hve a peaceful dialogue with terrorists!

Shouldnt we drop her in a terror camp to initiate peace dialogues?


When two unethical journalists with zero values in their profession & who do not have the guts to name the terror organistion fully, they call it ‘jaish’!

Let me elaborate, it is

Scared to use the ‘M’ word, is it?


When you are forced to be CM of state in India, but in reality you want a Republic of Bengal, such tweets emerge.

No condemnation of the perpetrators of this cowardly attack.

And it is terrorism, NOT “violence”!


Dear NDTV, its ‘Matyred’

It is one of the noblest order of death for a soldier.

All these years in MSM and you could not come up with the right word?

What a shame !!


It has been more than 8 hours since the terrorist attack, but The Hindu newspaper has just one tweet and no mention of the perpetrators of the attack.

Needless to say, ‘Martyred’ is missing !

What a shame !


This ghanta ka reporter, which is a mouthpiece of AAP, has also failed to mention the word ‘ Martyred’ ..

No wonder Arvind Kejriwal shares every tweet with this ghanta ka reporter

Shameless !!


Javed Akhtar, who exhibits extreme emotions when any crime is committed by a person of another religion, is absolutely silent and no condemnation for the perpetrators of the attack.

Shame is the apt word for him!


Not a single tweet or condemnation from Punjab cong leader Sidhu.

We should all remember his infamous bear hug with Pak army chief & sitting beside PoK president in pakistan.

Ab thoko thali is gaddar ko!


This low life CM who has an opinion and a blame on everything that happens the country, fails to mention the terror group name or its origin from pakistan.

Remember, he once asked for proof on surgical strike !


Shampoo boy who has knowledge on all the words in English dictionary, but could not find a single word to condemn pakistan or JeM.

Meanwhile, today he had coined a new word for valentines day to mock Hindus.


Jaish…… just Jaish !!!

Looks like a nickname for their lovely terror organisations.

Let me complete, Abdullahji:
It is Jaish-E-Mohammed.

Scared or ashamed to use the ‘M’ word, is it?


Comrade Yechury is one step ahead of Congress & other terror apologists.

He considers terror groups as stakeholders on the issue of Kashmir & wants dialogue with them.

Needless to say, no mention of perpetrators.


Anything about this woman is better not said. She thinks terror attack was a conspiracy orchestrated by Modi.

We need strategic strike on these bigots before the surgical strike!!


This Chinese comrade has not composed a single tweet on the horrific terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, she stands with another anti-national teesta setalvad for ‘Human Rights’.

Aren’t our soldiers ‘Humans’?


Almost a day after the attack, Sidhu is back from hibernation with same old shit…

‘Terrorism has no religion’ blah blah blah..

Mr. Sidhu, come up with a better excuse.


So-called secularists like Ashok Swain look for the caste of jawans martyred in a terror attack!!!

But, Modi is communal ?

And no word on pakistan or JeM !!

Little wonder twitterati says Swain is filthier than a swine.


Toilet paper ToI was just one step away from calling the terrorists ‘innocent misguided local youth’!

And JeM took responsibility for the attack, it was not a blame made by the government!

After backlash came a justification letter without apology!


One can always expect more from NDTV.

Their deputy editor shamelessly mocks & compares 44 martyred bodies with the chest size of the PM.

Rather than throwing her out, NDTV gives the harshest punishment of a two-week paid holiday called suspension!!


Just when you think nothing can go lower in journalism than NDTV, India Today jumps in to surprise us.

They want us to know that the suicide bomber became a terrorist because of Indian Army.


This secular, liberal, atheist journalist Aarti Tikoo Singh has a brother who is against Hindutva but happily endorses terrorist attacks on our Army.

This pig mocks the martyrs!

Having seen all this, I would say we are proud to be a bhakt & communal than be like any one of them! 🙏


This executive editor from shares an article which explains the suicide-bomber became a terrorist because of the Indian Army.

When 44 Indian soldiers have attained martyrdom, these journalists run up to a terrorist’s home first.


In her hatred for PM, this journalist drags in a movie which was made in honour of our security forces.

In her high, she completely forgets to name and shame the ones responsible for the attack!


Ladies & gentlemen,
Welcome this journalist from wire, in wich he mocks the Army men & explains they are working class men & ‘Not Martyrs’!

He says it would be selfish to call them as such.

Pity those men guarding our borders so that such pigs can sleep peacefully.


When the whole lot of sadistic liberals are on a fake rona spree, one cannot miss out this ‘Next Gen’ JNU ‘scholar’.

She is clear with her views, she wouldn’t condemn the terrorist, will not mention his religion and definitely not speak about Pakistan!


This is Saraa ali khan, the daughter of Saif Ali khan.

On a day when whole nation is mourning for the martyrdom attained by the 44 soldiers,
she is extremely, extremely happy about joining some veet family.

Insensitive is not the word for her.



Mark my words: ‘This man child will never come of age’.

He is totally engaged in his mobile while “paying respects to the martyrs”.

Yeh PUBG wala hai kya?



Exactly after 24 hours of the attack, she comes up with a tweet, worried about cultural exchange.

No mention of the perpetrators of the attack and no condemnation of Pakistan.

Why are you so afraid Shabanaji?


This peacenik’s son had helped the 26/11 accused Pakistani David Headley which claimed more than 200 lives.

He later went on to blame RSS rather than kasab or Pakistan.

He still doesn’t condemn terror actions of Pakistan.

Traitor !!!


Another journalist but same breed!

Taking revenge on terrorists responsible for Pulwama attack is adventurism to him.

When questioned, he labels us as RW online patriots.

We are proud to be a patriot than be a coward.


Left Wing-controlled media houses operate from the same septic tank.

Just that their names are different.

No takers for families of Martyrs, but first in line to report from the terrorists’ houses.

Stop using ‘Hindustan’ in your name, HT !!!


This doormat is an institute filled with poison where snakes refill their venom.

Never has he stood for the nation.. ever!

And look who retweets such shit,
Congress social media cell incharge! Understand their bonding!


This terror attack has a fan girl.
And she is enjoying every moment of this.

She will mock sentiments of a billion people but will not condemn that single terrorist.

If this is called being liberal, then she should be thrown out.

Ever wondered why AAPtard rhymes with retard?

Jaaved Jaaferi is a classic example.

He compares JeM of Pakistan with RW groups from India!

Now, let’s ask Jaaved to list out all terror attacks in Pakistan carried out by the RW groups.

Insensitive tweet from social media incharge of Congress.

But then, this is the official stand of Congress and Rahul Gandhi.

They have no respect for martyrs & think of this as some joke

Since they stay in a gutter, their thoughts and actions also stink!

Repeat after me, Cong is a terror apologists’ party.

Its mouthpiece has got a breaking news that the suicide bomber terrorist was a Dhoni fan & a cricket freak!

Wish we Indians knew about hobbies & other activities of our martyred jawans instead!

@abpnewstv reports Indian Air Force conducted ‘terror strikes’ on Pakistan.

Are you serious, ‘terror strikes’ ???

Shame on you morons!

So its official now!

After IAF does a surgical strike on Balakot and Imran khan returns our Pilot,

The latest to join the Mahagathbandhan after twitter is Pakistan.

Katju’s filthy tweet praising Imran khan was obviously well received by pakistanis! Imagine, this guy was a Supreme Court judge!


LoL salaam party is happy to tweet a pic of our hero Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman with Pakistan flag as background! So is the Congress, many of whose leaders did the same thing!


Sagarika Ghose shares an article where Arundhati Roy describes her hallucination… LoL Salaam !!


Ram uncle copy pastes the message he received on Whatsapp, praising Imran khan as ‘statesman’ for his ‘gesture’ etc…
And he also has hallucinations that our PM wanted Wing Commander Abhinandan to be in Pak’s custody.


Fiction writer shares another fiction article !!


Demeaning the post of PM is in the bloood of every Congress member.


After her masters in mathematics and history, her latest subject seems to be geography !!


For our liberals, Imran khan is the new peace symbol…
It is time to replace the dove with an olive branch with Imran khan.


AAPtards talking about International diplomacy be like Kejri talking about fight against corruption !!


NDTV journalists suffers serious brain freeze !!


Taklu AAPtard admits who his real Saab is !!


With such high orgasm she needs to borrow tools from swara bhasker..


Since u wear ur undies over ur pants like any other super hero, We would rather believe it was u who managed to get our pilot …


Congi’s upcoming film,
‘Sardar is Gaddar’


Our neighbouring country,’Republic of Bengal’ is keen to know details of Air Surgical strike !!!


Comrade nikhil knows a lot about a fool’s paradise !!


Omar and Akshay has to seriously rethink about their future


This guy recently got operated where he reversed the process between ingestion and excretion !!


Pakistanis love his tweets… so no explanation needed further..


Rajdeep’s ‘Saab’ is well received in his professional ethics


Saggy’s love for Modi at each and every step of his, should be well documented..


‘Moral high ground’ is the ground in which our legendary boxer learnt his boxing skills ..


‘Semen test’ is far more important than ‘Nationalism test’


Demon endorses a demon !!


After ‘Hindu Nationalists’ and ‘Internet Hindus’ liberal dictionary has a new word i.e. ‘Muscular Nationalists’


Our opposition parties should realise that their ‘opposition’ should be only against ruling party !!

Radio pakistan is proud of u ..


And she will remain numb for another 5 years !!


We do have and thats why u r safe ..

Happy to see our journalists being quoted in neighbouring country… proud moment for her !!


Not to worry, BJP will be exist same like kashmir exists without kashmiri pandits


If u think that she wrote such a looooonnnnng article herself, then u r wrong… she just copy pasted it from a Hindu hating FB account ..


No wonder AAPtards see a Kejriwal in Imran khan


Meanwhile seeing such high orgasm, swara bhasker sent a friend request to saggy..


Matured tweets coming from an immatured journalist !!


Before she tweeted this, she had bathed in a sewer pit thinking it as a swimming pool !! No fault of hers …


Her fanboy in pakistan retweets her tweet !!
And we mistook that she writes only for Indian newspapers…


After falling at the feet of Italian gandhi, he calls us as bhakths !!


Major general of pakistan has a fangirl here who retweets … he is welcome to visit her anytime

Since no one hires him, he refers to his joblessness as being independent!!


Comrade has a point after he smokes a full joint !!


Terror strikes by Indian Air Force ??

Happens when u report from ur HQ in Pakistan

If one wonders what would kejri be like if he was a pakistani politician..

When ur best friend is a pig, and when u stay in a sewer, and when ur fav food is shit … tweets like this happens

Compiled by 🇮🇳 Adithya(Adi)

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