Let’s be unabashedly hindu

We are still here ! We are still here after so many storms , floods , earthquakes still surviving fighting. Even after numerous genocides and plunders for a thousand years by opposers and invaders but we are here still thriving .

We never stopped fighting back submission was never an option, Courage and valour never-went our of stock, never took defeat as the end and hence we are still here. Even after all the onslaughts we still preserves the fire of our ancestors, We haven’t forgotten our Pitrus and Devatas and so with their blessings we are still here.

Millenniums are just numbers , we wear the same dress ,eat same food ,worshipping the same gods, chants the same hymn as our forebearers. They say time is change but we are the ones who got away from it because we are still here. Make no mistake there are many who want us to destroyed some are clothed in white, some in green , some in red and black. Some from outside some from within.

We are still here – Let’s be unabashedly hindu

They are jealous, shocked and furious because we are still here . This is no time to rest , no time to relax , there are battles to be fought and wars to be won. We are beings of the heavens born on Mother Earth and the bearers of sacred fire, we bow to no one other than dharma. We worship shiva, Vishu, Devi ma !

Thousand other civilizations could crumble all around us yet still we be here just like how we are , how we where. Let’s be confident not arrogant , humble not meek , brave not bellicose, dharmic not secular let’s play by our own rules create our own boundaries, make our own wealth and produce our own prosperity let’s be unabashedly HINDU !

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