India’s blatantly Left Liberal media is lynchpin of atrocities upon Hindus

This type of scaremongering is totally unacceptable in any civilized society; a prelude to a nonexistent civil war.

Biased reporting has reached such levels it is no longer enough for Narendra Modi to comfort the minority, he must now comfort the majority. Indians are being made to feel they are living in a totalitarian state where their Christian brothers hide under the table like Anne Frank. Suddenly 40 million Christians have removed themselves from the rest, so a Christian victim of crime is no longer an Indian victim of crime. Do we want every crime to be henceforth segregated into subsets, and the Christian subset be preferentially reported? Is that what we want? Forget reassuring Christians, Narendra Modi, reassure Hindus first. Reassure them with facts & figures to counter this abhorrent media blitz

There were an incredible 30,252 property-related hate crimes and 263,540 violent hate-crimes in 2012 in the USA. (bjs.gov/content/pub/pd…) With 30,252 property-related hate crimes, are we to believe that President Obama is not secular, not plural, not concerned for minorities? A handful cannot fight this bizarre media bhed-chaal. The government has to. But where is it? Ensconced in comfort, watching from distance. There’s no other way of saying this. It is not – as a tyre ad suggests – the streets that are filled with idiots but, rather, this govt. Day-in-day-out all this government does is to ask its hopelessly smug spokespersons to bleat out clichéd denials and weather-beaten polemic. What @PMOIndia needs to do. Right NOW. But it won’t. Because talk is cheap.

Save Our Souls, @PMOIndia. Fight the perception that Christians are under attack. Fight it with data. My column: (buff.ly/1BxEFgr)

Fantastic reporting of hard facts, not by the incompetent @PMOIndia but by @OpIndia_com. Kudos (opindia.com/2015/03/spate-…)

9 temples robbed, 2 sadhus killed, 1 sadhvi raped, in 1 month. Dear @timesofindia, here’s your headline for tomorrow:

Not a single op-ed on the nun story in newspapers, not a single column by an intellectual owning up to how sensational and biased they were. I shall leave it to the genius of Pawel Kuczynski to describe Indian Mainstream Journalism as it stands today.

Deliberately ignite passions and hoodwink the gullible for 3 weeks, then gently slip in the facts – that’s our media.

38% becomes 85%, headline becomes “Unsolved cases at an all-time high”, Police becomes a butt of jokes; and then comes the TOI clarification.
Church Attacks. FAILED

Award wapsi. FAILED

Intolerance. FAILED

Make NO mistake. The vipers are writhing in the sand again for something new.

2013. Just 1 year out of 10 under UPA. Rudimentary search reveals more than a dozen lynchings. Guess it was Hindustan then, not Lynchistan.
Don’t care two hoots for the govt. They are as useless as their predecessor. But if you come after India with an agenda, I’ll come after you
A few points on India now being called Lynchistan. Media refuses to learn from its past mistakes. Maybe it doesn’t see them as mistakes.
2012. Again, 1 yr out of 10 under UPA. Rudimentary search: 16 lynchings, including communal/caste. But it was Hindustan then, not Lynchistan
Final few points, on the rank perfidy of calling India Lynchistan.

Under Obama, violent hate-crimes INCREASED in 2012. 30 every hour. Of every day. Because he mainstreamed hate?

1.1 million hate-crimes during the first term of the Obama Presidency. Each one as condemnable as any hate-crime under any Presidency.

View image on Twitter


Under Manmohan Singh, violence against Dalits INCREASED. Because he mainstreamed violence against Dalits?


View image on Twitter
From 2009 to 2013, Crime against Dalits rose by 17.94%. 1 crime every 15 minutes. For 5 years running.
Data is the enemy of scaremongering and hatred. Precisely why the media hates it.
2016. Just 1 year. Instances of mob violence where the mob belonged to the Muslim community. [Please read the accompanying note.]
Instances of mob violence in just this past month, where the mob belonged to the Muslim community. [Please read the accompanying note.]
Instances of mob violence against Dalits in 2017 (6 months), where the mob belonged to the Muslim community. [Do read the accompanying note]

10 out of 15 instances (66%) of horrific mob violence against the Dalits were NOT reported by the English Media.

The bias of the media shows up not only in its reporting, but also in its not reporting. The first can be exposed easily, the second not so.
Can still understand if a paper ignores its competitor’s reportage. But there’s NO excuse for ignoring YOUR OWN sister-paper. Diabolical.
Selective Coverage of Atrocities. An absolute must-read piece by Shubham Verma in @the_hoot. BRILLIANT. thehoot.org/story_popup/se…

ZERO coverage in the English media; ZERO outrage; ZERO op-eds; ZERO hashtag-induced marches. ZERO credibility. English editions (Express; News18) IGNORE inconvenient reports from their sister-editions.

Shocking display of mob violence by members of the Muslim community against Dalits. IGNORED by the English media. meerutglobenews.com/communal-tensi…
Follow Hindi media EVERYDAY to get the true picture of India. DO IT. There is NO other way to demolish this vile English media propaganda.
Proud? I am sorry but you as an editor should be deeply embarrassed, about this SHOCKINGLY shoddy, biased, and selective listing.
The Tracker, that according to HT “took months of hard work” to prepare, IGNORES 13 of the 15 Muslim-on-Dalit hate-crimes listed here.
The HT tracker bias is shocking. Just one example. Hindu attack on Dalit marriage LISTED, Muslim attack on Dalit marriage IGNORED.
The most obvious conceit being, the Hate Tracker is based SOLELY on English Media news, but doesn’t say so EXPLICITLY on the front page.


Follow Hindi media EVERYDAY to get the true picture of India. DO IT. There is NO other way to demolish this vile English media propaganda. Yes, of course. Sorry, should have made that clear. ALL non-English news.

If ever one needed additional confirmation of HT Hate tracker’s wall-to-wall bias, look no further than the species of journos applauding it
One editor’s ideological obstinacy is all it takes to turn objectivity into selectivity, impartiality into bias, a paper into a pamphlet.
Muslim mob instigated by a Haj Committee Member attacks & beats up teachers, leading to communal tension. IGNORED by HT hate tracker.
Muslim mob brutally attacks Kawariyas with axes, kills one. IGNORED by English media. IGNORED by HT Hate tracker. khabarnonstop.com/2017/07/31/mis…

BRILLIANT piece by @nirwamehta exposing the SHOCKING bias being peddled unchecked by @ghoshworld and HT. Must-read.

Hindustan Times’ Hate Tracker: A classic case of how media peddles an agenda – http://www.opindia.com/2017/08/hindustan-times-hate-tracker-a-classic-case-of-how-media-peddles-an-agenda/  (by @nirwamehta)

Muslim mob abducts, attacks a Hindu trying to stop eve-teasing. IGNORED by English media. IGNORED by HT hate tracker dailynewshunt.com/purane-lucknow…
Muslim mob hurls abuses, creates ruckus against JE vaccination, alleges conspiracy to turn Muslim kids impotent. IGNORED by English media.
In April, Muslim mobs had attacked JE Vaccination workers in multiple cities in Jharkhand, alleging BJP conspiracy to turn kids impotent.
Muslim mob corners astray calf, beats it to death with sticks & stones, leading to tension. IGNORED by English media jagran.com/uttar-pradesh/…
Muslim mob pelts stones from mosque at Krishna idol procession, many injured. IGNORED by English media. IGNORED by HT Hate tracker.
Muslim accosts a Dalit, fracas leads to communal violence. IGNORED by English media. Ignored by HT Hate tracker. jagran.com/uttar-pradesh/…
Muslim mob raids Puja pandal, threatens, indulges in violence. IGNORED by English media. Ignored by HT Hate tracker. livehindustan.com/uttar-pradesh/…
Muslim mob goes on a rampage after minor fracas, pelts stones, torches vehicles, 2 dead, dozen policemen injured. IGNORED by HT Hate Tracker
Muslim mob attacks shops, pelts stones, after a minor fracas, area tense. IGNORED by English media. IGNORED by HT Hate Tracker.
Inebriated Muslim biker hits a school girl, collects a weapon-laced mob, area tense. IGNORED by English media. IGNORED by HT Hate Tracker.

BJP worker brutally attacked, lynched then hanged to death in Bengal. IGNORED by most of the English media. IGNORED by HT Hate Tracker.

Muslim mob creates ruckus for “blasphemous” FB post, police flees, later arrests a man. IGNORED by English media. IGNORED by HT Hate tracker
BSF officer brutally attacked by cattle smugglers in Tripura, critical. Little outrage. IGNORED by HT Hate Tracker. (via @sneheshphilip)

Mob tries to lynch & immolate a differently-abled man in Sopore, Kashmir. Little outrage. IGNORED by HT Hate Tracker.

So it appears HT Hate Tracker, the SINGLE MOST biased, perverted, agenda-driven journalistic exercise in recent memory, is gone. #PowerOfSM
If @timesofindia is to be believed, the grisly Rajasthan crime – brought to my knowledge during a podcast yesterday and condemned by me unequivocally – appears to be a case of personal enmity. Whatever the truth, the psychopath, now arrested, deserves a life behind bars.

TOTAL silence on more than 50 documented mob attacks, lynchings and attempted-lynchings by Muslims on Dalits, Hindus, even fellow Muslims – just this year. And now they wake up because this one crime suits their ideological agenda.

BEWARE of such frauds. They run into hundreds.

Church Attacks. FAILED

Award wapsi. FAILED

Growing Intolerance. FAILED

Lynchistan. FAILED

Emergency. FAILED

Selective outrage. FAILED

Make NO mistake. The vipers are writhing in the sand again for something new.

With the bigoted Editor sacked & his pet Hate Tracker abandoned, had stopped updating this depressing thread on lynchings & mob violence ignored by the media, thinking the bigots had been shamed enough.

It was a mistake. Media is teeming with such fiends. It’s an assembly-line.

Muslim mob viciously attacks Hindu father and son with sticks and swords, because they protested against open defecation by Muslim boys. IGNORED by English media. NO outrage. m.jagran.com/haryana/palwal…

Muslim mob drags a man belonging to the minority community (Jain) & his mother, and even the bride to be, from their car and tries to lynch them; video goes viral. IGNORED by English media. NO outrage.

Police stood and watched, registered a case later. m.hindi.eenaduindia.com/CrimeNews/Crim…


This painful thread; this time-consuming, painful, depressing cataloguing – why the need? Why can’t we just succumb and allow the media to outrage selectively and carry on with their scaremongering? Some quick thoughts. Do read:

UPDATE. Dalits who were BRUTALLY assaulted by a Muslim mob for not converting now demand protection, say the police are under pressure to not act.

@jigneshmevani80 maybe unconcerned of their plight but Valmiki Foundation has met the injured Dalits. jagran.com/haryana/mewat-…


This is the latest of MORE THAN TWO DOZEN lynchings, attempted lynchings, and assaults by Muslims on Dalits this past year.

The news has STILL NOT BEEN reported by the English media.

It is CRYSTAL clear: Dalits who are assaulted by Muslims DO NOT MATTER.

Muslims hurled casteist slurs at us, beat us with lathis, says wife of the Dalit victim Shrikishan. FIR registered under the SC/ST act. And yet, TOTAL SILENCE by the English media.

The missing Mewat. BRILLIANT piece by @anandvardhan26 on Media Selectivity

SHOCKING selectivity. Letter doesn’t mention even one instance (out of 50 last year) where Hindus (Dalits, non-Dalits) & Muslims were lynched, almost-lynched, assaulted, by Muslim mobs.

And one of the signatories is Mr Ribeiro, the man who fanned the Fake Church Attack narrative.


When journalists select their stories based on the identity of the perpetrator and not the victim, they CEASE to be journalists.

The Dalit Atrocity story and the SHAMEFUL CONTINUING SILENCE of the English media – a ground report by @swati_gs & @haryannvi

Dalit man LYNCHED to death by Muslims in Hathras. Body found near mosque – bloodied, crushed, and heavily mutilated. Murderers arrested – all are Muslims. Case registered under SC/ST Act.

NO outrage, IGNORED by most of the English Media. Activists SILENT. jagran.com/uttar-pradesh/…


Muslim family of four assaults a Hindu mother, pins down her son and slits his throat (India Today reports Beheads:) in broad daylight. The lynched man’s Muslim girlfriend names her family as the perpetrators jagran.com/delhi/new-delh…


Embedded video

1500 Dalits living under fear as Gautam Nagar, a town in Amroha district (42% Muslim popln) is renamed Islam Nagar on shop signboards by some Muslims. Dalits file a police complaint.

“We have no option but to leave or convert,” says one. Area tense.


Muslim mob BRUTALLY attacks tribals with iron rods & knives, almost LYNCHES a tribal, stabs him – condition serious; stones pelted at protesting tribals. Hundreds of tribal women come out to protest. Activists SILENT. NO primetime coverage. NO outrage. dainiknavajyoti.net/rajsamand/clas…

You keep on demonising only one community, one religion, one ideology; you keep on being selective; and sooner or later it comes back to bite you.

THIS, is what the great Ambedkar wrote on Selectivity. Don’t worship him. FOLLOW him.

Tribal man accused of stealing rice BRUTALLY assaulted and LYNCHED to death by a mob in Kerala. Assaulter Ubaid who took the selfie arrested along with shopkeeper Hussain and seven others. NO primetime coverage. NO outrage. Activists SILENT.

Dear @jigneshmevani80, this is the latest of at least six documented (SC/ST act/FIRs) brutal attacks by Muslim mobs on Dalits, in just this past month. Request you to kindly break your silence and visit the Dalit victims to express solidarity. Thank you.

No cries of creeping intolerance, award wapsi, tribals under threat; just a tiny column on the Kerala lynching – bottom right, page 14.

These mediocre, feeding-on-crumbs, sociopathic, gangrenous, selactivist lot think they can fool all of the people all of the time.

Amnesty ignores dozens of crimes where perpetrators were non-Hindu; ignores many Muslim victims like Farook & Ayub where perpetrators were Muslim.

These FRAUDS are like Raktbeej whose every drop of blood spawns more of the same. No Kalratri on the horizon. (pic, @IndianInterest)

Major clash erupts between Dalits and Muslims as the latter object to a Dalit funeral procession passing through their street. Houses stoned, cars burnt. 30 injured. Little English media coverage. No primetime debate. No outrage.

Here is a member of the minority community being subjected to open threats and fatwas. No outrage, op-eds, TV debates.

These mediocre, feeding-on-crumbs, sociopathic, gangrenous, selactivist journos think they can fool all of the people all of the time.

HORRENDOUS criminality and bigotry on display. Relatives of a woman belonging to an affluent Christian family torture and then drown her husband Kevin, a Dalit Christian. While Dalit organisations call for a strike, silence from @jigneshmevani80 DEAFENING.

SHOCKING intolerance. Under pressure from Muslim goons, Police registers FIR against 3 Muslim students for “derogatory modifications” of Islamic slogans. Students now in hiding, says their friend @HarbirSingh_.

NO primetime outrage. Freedom-loving, Ganga-Jumna activists SILENT.

The same selactivist frauds & their mediocre media lapdogs who have maintained pindrop silence on Muslim mob attacks, lynchings, and attempted lynchings of Hindus (Dalits and non-Dalits) – nearing a hundred documented incidents over the past year, are talking of a Hindu Pakistan.

“Sir beat me up so hard a tree branch broke in the process. Even when I was being given first aid, he continued to beat me.”

Muslim headmaster thrashes four Hindu students for uttering “Jai Shri Ram” and sporting sacred wrist bands. (h/t @AninBanerjeeeee)

Muslim mob LYNCHES a Dalit to death, brazenly informs the brother of the crime, and also where to find the body.

This is the latest in MORE THAN THIRTY lynchings, attempted lynchings, and assaults by Muslims on Dalits just this past year. Activists SILENT

A Dalit was lynched to death by a vicious Muslim mob 4 days ago. TOI reports on it today. This is its front page. You need to zoom in to find the snippet. Rest of the snippet is on page 11

YOU are an even bigger FRAUD than the media if you believe it doesn’t outrage selectively.


Muslim mob brandishes weapons, hurls abuses at a Hindu religious congregation. Peace restored after heavy police protection afforded to temple area. (jansatta.com/rajya/weapons-…)


Police turn up at Haji Yasin’s house to investigate the kidnapping of a minor girl by Shahid. A mob collects. They THRASH the policemen, TIE THEM to poles. Force from as many as 10 police stations; PAC; anti-terror commandos rushed to rescue the policemen. (timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/varanasi/…)


A Hindu man falls in love with a Muslim woman. They elope. In response, a 200-strong Muslim mob armed with sticks and weapons and baying for blood goes berserk – ransacks the man’s house, sets vehicle ablaze. Little outrage. Activists SILENT. (hindustantimes.com/india-news/dis…)


HORRIFIC incident. Mob attacks an @IndiaToday journalist, thrashes him, pelts him with stones, for reporting on an illegal slaughterhouse and the rescue of 71 newborn calves whose mouths were tied tightly to their feet. [Warning: Disturbing images inside.] (indiatoday.in/india/karnatak…)


Muslim mob LYNCHES TO DEATH two sadhus, leaves another fighting for his life, for informing the police of cow smuggling. Victims tied to beds, their tongues ripped out before being murdered. Five arrested. Little or no outrage; Activists SILENT. (economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-…)


Dalit man LYNCHED TO DEATH by Muslims, for marrying a Muslim woman. This is the latest in more than THREE DOZEN lynchings, attempted lynchings, and assaults by Muslims on Dalits just this past year. Little outrage. Activists SILENT. (mynation.com/news/faridabad…)(swarajyamag.com/politics/hindu…)



SCARY. Policemen reach to investigate cow slaughter. Amid chanting of Pakistan Zindabad, Muezzins give calls from mosques to KILL them, BURN the building they are hiding in. A 200-strong Muslim mob collects, hurls BOMBS, fires, attacks temple. NO outrage. (mynation.com/news/pakur-cow…)


Large-scale stone-pelting reported as Dalits clash with Muslims; the latter objected the playing of music amid celebrations (on account of a Bhim Army leader being released) during Namaz. 12 charged. NO outrage. Activists silent. (patrika.com/noida-news/sto…)



TALIBANISM. Family of a Muslim girl TIE her to a tree for being in love with a Hindu man. She is FLOGGED.

“She’s a criminal. She wants to go with a man from another religion,” says HER OWN father.

NO outrage. Activists SILENT. (indiatoday.in/india/story/na…)(prabhatkhabar.com/news/nawada/yo…)


Took a month to demolish the HT Hate-tracker; two weeks to expose the Amnesty one; and now mere hours to unmask Wapo. KUDOS, @swati_gs & @rajudasonline.

But be vigilant. These FRAUDS are like Raktbeej whose every drop of blood spawns more of the same. (opindia.com/2018/11/fact-c…)

Quick tabulation of the cases discussed in detail in this so-called objective Mint piece on violation of FoS. Note the ASTONISHING selectivity. MSM refuses to learn or mend its nefarious ways.

SM cannot change you lot but it sure as hell will EXPOSE you. (livemint.com/Politics/sWTiT…)

Church Attacks. FAILED

Award wapsi. FAILED

Intolerance. FAILED

Lynchistan. FAILED

Selective outrage. FAILED

Hindu Pakistan. FAILED

Judiciary in danger. FAILED

Emergency. FAILED

Intolerance 2.0. FAILED

Make NO mistake. The vipers are writhing in the sand again for something new. This is selectivity and propaganda gone BERSERK. Shah may be a great actor but he makes a right muppet of himself here.

These mediocre, feeding-on-crumbs, gangrenous, selactivists and their FRAUDULENT masters think they can fool all of the people all of the time. Take a hike.

This is how you ANNIHILATE propaganda. Through no-nonsense, meticulous, patient research, and ground reportage.

The best young journalist right now? @swati_gs. Phenomenal work.

SHOCKING turn of events that follows the recent communal clash reported here: ().

Perhaps Naseeruddin Shah can comment on this in chaste urdu so it reaches his intended audience. Or maybe he won’t be allowed to by his marionettist.

(hindi.news18.com/videos/jharkha…) (opindia.com/2019/01/dozens…)

Yes, everything bad that ever happened in India happened after 2014.

Yet another failed campaign by selectivity champions, propagandists, dynasty serfs, religious bigots, terror apologists, scaremongering dunderheads, and a few misled decent writers. (timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/v…)

Church Attacks. FAILED

Award wapsi. FAILED

Intolerance. FAILED

Lynchistan. FAILED

Judiciary in danger. FAILED

Emergency. FAILED

Rafale. FAILED

Balakot distortion. FAILED

Signature campaigns. FAILED

Make NO mistake. The vipers are writhing in the sand again for something new. Muslim man who announced a 51 crore reward for beheading Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, and then offered it to the terrorists who murdered the cartoonists, is the BSP candidate from Meerut.

DEAFENING silence from Moderates and Social Activists. Not a squeak. (swarajyamag.com/politics/meet-…)


HORRIFIC incident. Muslim mob BREAKS Ambedkar statue, runs amok with swords, THRASHES Dalit families after they object to a girl being assaulted by a Muslim. Area tense even after 3 days.

NO outrage. Activists SILENT. Say something, Mr @jigneshmevani80(jagran.com/uttar-pradesh/…)

This is UNENDING. Muslim mobs disrupt Hindu religious processions at MULTIPLE PLACES on Ram Navami, do STONE-PELTING; Muslim lies down in front of Hanuman Jayanti shobha yatra to halt it. NO outrage.

Intolerance? What intolerance? Hold on to your awards. (opindia.com/2019/04/commun…)

Shocking and SCARY. Hindu families in Bengal flee as mosques call for non-Muslims to be KILLED . NO outrage.

Request ground-reporters of news channels to investigate, except Telegraph reporters who are busy covering the Flower Show in Tollygunge Club. (swarajyamag.com/insta/watch-hi…)

“Unarmed Hindu victims confronted Muslim neighbours over trivial issues but were attacked later by mobs.”

A TERRIFYING ground report by the ever brilliant @swati_gs, from a part of Delhi barely an hour’s drive from the Lutyens’ Zone but a world away. (swarajyamag.com/politics/fear-…)

This man, who announced a reward of 51 crores to anyone who BEHEADED Hebdo journalists, lost from Meerut. By just 4,500 votes. 5,81,455 people (47.8%) voted for him. But neither he nor those who voted for him are bigots. They are the heroes for our media.

This 250 tweet thread, cataloguing documented attacks, lynchings, attempted lynchings by Muslims on Hindus (Dalits, non-Dalits) largely ignored by the media, ENDS today.

The strongest rebuttal to selectivity and scaremongering was given on May 23.

No more rebuttals necessary.

A thread by Anand Ranganathan

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