Bharat faces an undeclared war, wake up

The ill-fated helicopter of CDS Bipin Rawat most likely had a sudden mechanical failure. It was perhaps not the weather.

Anybody who flew or handled this chopper in last 6 months must be very, very thoroughly investigated. My gut feel says it IS sabotage though we may never find out the truth.

The chopper is said to have deviated from the regular flight path and was flying at low altitude (even as it was still a good 6-7 minutes away from Wellington base). It inexplicably entered a misty trough after which it’s rotors suddenly stopped before hitting a tree, as per eyewitness reports.

The inquiry report may pass it off as technical/mechanical failure or pilot error due to ‘other reasons’, but my gut feel says CDS was eliminated as part of a sinister plan to remove PM Modi and destabilise India. How much of reality can the Black Box reveal is anybody’s guess.

This inexplicable chopper crash may or may not be linked to the one in January 2020 in which Taiwan lost its Army chief, but it is time India involves and works closely with Mossad and other specialised Israeli agencies for strategic operations.

India has had several such political “accidents” in the past. Why, we even lost our two most promising leaders Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Shastri ji! It was too obvious they were thorns for some people and were professionally removed. PM Narendra Modi too is a thorn for a LOT of people & faces much bigger threat. Gen Rawat was his trusted lieutenant.

Time has therefore come when India must prove it is no pushover in intelligence, counter intelligence and strategic operations. We can’t afford to lose more talent like we lost Gen Rawat and derailments.

So many Nuclear and space scientists earlier have been murdered in the past, including Dr Bhabha. It seems like it is very easy to assassinate in India given the fact that we have enough corrupt and anti-national souls amongst us.

A General as decorated as CDS Rawat being carried in a bedsheet, badly burnt, helpless & dying presents a very demoralising picture for the national psyche (except psychos or cynics who get moved by nothing. It is eye candy for enemies and anti-nationals of all hues who have shared it around with glee.

This video will be extremely painful last picture of a strong father for his daughters and should never have been shot and shared. Yet, it was circulating like wildfire within 3-4 hours. Who did it and why?

Let’s sincerely hope investigative authorities find out who shot this video despite General Rawat being in such a condition. The way the video has been shot itself suggests there could be more than meets the eye. There was reportedly a big delay in carrying him to the hospital too despite him falling away from the chopper at the time of crash.

Another 10-second video is being run by some news channels like ABP which was said to have been shot OF the chopper just prior to the crash! WHO shot it? And WHY was someone shooting it?

Involving and working with Mossad and other such agencies from Israel will be the best bet for developing a long-term deterrent that is the best in the world and will be the single biggest tribute to the precious souls we have lost today. It has to stop at this. Hope NSA Ajit Dobhal considers this possibility and makes a suitable strategy for PM’s nod.

We must use Gen Rawat’s untimely demise as a catalyst to galavanize both our ops and strategic counter ops to a level that is unmatched.. so that no enemy can ever even think of messing with us again. Our soldiers can prove to be the best, and invincible, if they are backed by such ops.

I only hope this message reaches our top men! Let anyone or any agency champion it within the government, but it MUST be effected at the earliest.

–Neeraj Saxena

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