Know Your Urban Jaichands – Part 2

When an Urban Naxal meets a Jaichand, an “URBAN JAICHAND” takes birth.

This thread lists out such Jaichands. Read the part 2 here.


Swara Bhasker seems to be the latest addition to already existing long list of Bollywood celebrities who do selective outrage to remain relevant by using tragedies for their own benefits.

In the unfortunate incident which happened in Kathua, Swara was among the first to use the tragedy allegedly for her own benefits. She held a placard which highlights the rape taking place in ‘Devi’sthan, with ‘devi’ deliberately inserted

within single quotes.

This selective outrage was allegedly done in context of her upcoming film.

By doing such cheap publicity for her film & for hurting religious sentiments, she is one among the top Urban Jaichands.

Swara bhasker who advocates for freedom of speech showed her intolerant side by sending a defamation notice against @OpIndia_com

In one of the allegations she made was, that she was defamed by being called as a rape apologist in an article

published by OpIndia.

But infact she herself has used such words against columnist @ShefVaidya in a twitter spat between the two.

When film ‘Padmaavat’ was released the storyline had Rani Padmaavati doing ‘jauhar'(jump into fire) to save her dignity and from being a sex slave to a Muslim Invader.

In contrary to this, Swara writes an open letter to the director as to why ‘jauhar’ was glorified & mocks history by saying ‘i felt reduced to va*ina only’.

This justifies that she wanted Rani Padmaavati to surrender herself to the Muslim invader

Swara Bhasker’s recent attack was towards Major General GD Bakshi.

Where she calls him an ‘National Embarassment’ which may be because he endorses patriotism.

so lets remind Swara bhasker of the achievements of Major General GD Bakshi.

■Vishisht Seva Medal for commanding the battalion in the Kargil

■WarSena Medal for counter-terror operations in the rugged mountains of Kishtwar

■He was commissioned in the Indian Army in 1971 & played an important role in the 1971 Indo-Pak War.

■He also played a crucial role to counter the terror activities in Punjab in 1984.

■In the Kargil War of 1999, he commanded the Batallion & successfully led the operations against Pakistan.

■He commanded the Romeo Force to counter terrorist activities in Rajouri-Poonch districts of J&K, succeeded in pacifying the region.

■He has been the DG of Military Operations twice & was the first BGS (IW) at HQ Northern Command, where he dealt with Information Warfare & Psychological Operations

■He lost his brother, Raman Bakshi who died in the Indo-Pak war of 1965.

■Has authored 25 books till now

With such high achievements, every patriotic Indian has high regards for Major General GD Bakshi.
He is a War Hero.

Now, question is upon Swara.What are her achievements?

Who is the National embarrassment?


Pic 1- Barkha says terrorist Burhani wani used social media as ‘weapon of war’

Pic 2 & 3 -Terrorist Burhani Wani with his ‘weapon of war’ but not social media.

Her ignorance of facts is extremely shameful.

(In this video watch how Barkha Dutt tries to change narrative)

Stone pelter on bed: Burhan Wani fought for Islam

Barkha Dutt : Islam or Kashmir ?

Stone pelter : Only for Islam


In a debate in New York city and topic being ‘Future of Women in Islam’ , watch how activist Ayyan Hirsi Ali shuts up Barkha Dutt when she drags Hinduism into the topic.

Also shocking that Barkha calls India as ‘so called third world country’.


Mamata Banerjee arrests CBI officers who went to arrest Kolkata CP and exhibits her dictatorial attitude.

Barkha justifies such unconstitutional act.

If it was a BJP ruled state she would have screamed “Democracy in danger”.

After the recent Pulwama attacks Barkha tried to change the entire narrative by victimising kashmiri youth.

Later Uttarakhand police had to jump in and clarify that it was a fake news.

Hypocrisy explained in two pics.

Pic 1 – Barkha abstains herself from calling Burhan wani as terrorist bcoz he is a M*slim.

Pic 2 – Barkha wont abstain herself from calling Christchurch shooter as a terrorist bcoz he is a non m*slim.


While doing an interview with Arvind Kejriwal, Punya Prasun Bajpayi demonstrates his pliable journalism after the shoot .

Watch !!


Prasun Bajpai once tried to be smart by reporting distorted truth

While interacting with PM Modi, a female farmer Chandramani kaushik admits she has doubled her income by farming(which according to her was by processing the pulp of sitafal)

But Prasoon changes the narrative by sending a reporter to interview her in whe she claims her income has not doubled(according to her was in rice farming)

This was soon busted by My Nation & according to sources he had to quit the news channel



According to an article written by activist Madhu Kishwar, Abhisar sharma while being in NDTV, Rs. 43 lakhs was added to his income in lieu of holiday expenses borne by NDTV. This all expenses paid holiday is said to be the

bribe given to Abhisar Sharma and his wife Sumana Sen, who was the Income Tax Officer looking into NDTV tax evasion case. The effect of this addition of Rs 43 lacs is that it proves Sumana Sen and Husband received undue benefits from NDTV.

Now Sumana Sen has approached SC with a PIL that Sanjay Srivastava (IT Officer who nailed NDTV) is harassing her & hence the order of adding Rs 43 lacs to her & her husband’s income should be quashed.
(Source- OpIndia)

Abhisar Sharma is one among those journalists who bats for freedom of speech and propagates this country as intolerant.

But a small sneekpeek in his social media interactions reveals a totally different story.

and more


Urban Jaichand Ashok Swain is an Indian born Professor in a Sweden university.

His tweets and articles are mainly written against interests of the nation and propagates hatred towards Hindu religion.

When Indian Cricket Team stood in solidarity with Indian Army by wearing Army caps, Ashok Swain was quick to attack Captain Virat Kohli calling him as a war mongerer and a Modi bhakt !!

Ashok Swain participates in debates of Pakistani news channels and mocks the Indian PM which is utterly shameful.

Ashok Swain’s strange hypothesis on kashmir makes him write that Pakistan is not to be blamed in matters of kashmir but instead its the PM who is to be blamed.

In his hate for Indian PM, Ashok Swain reiterates Pakistani opinion which makes a regular on their TV shows

Ashok Swain’s articles which promotes communal disharmony and allegedly promoted by Hindus against minorities are read and shared by Pakistani journalists.

His tweets and articles denigrate his own country and mocks India with its unstable and dangerous neighbouring countries.

When Pulwama attack happened, Ashok Swain shares an utterly shameful image in which he tries to differentiate the religion and caste of the martyred soldiers.

It is not befitting of a Professor to tweet which is filled with rumour and hate mongering. Ashok Swain does exactly the same.

Ashok Swain’s integrity as an Indian is questionable when time and again he questions our Armed forces by quoting our enemies false statements.

Ashok Swain writes an article which propagates falsehood about Hindus and tries to divide it along caste lines.

This shows who really the hate mongerer is !!

Irony is when The Milli Chronicle which is an english newspaper for Indian Muslims publishes an article written by Ashok Swain which has false imaginations such as ‘Hindu Jih*dis’ & ‘Hin*utva Terrorism’.

When Modi govt brings an ordinance to ban Triple Talaq and make it an offence,Ashok Swain being Professor in a foreign university falls below the line of shamelessness when he drags Modi’s wife into it.

When a sportsperson like Badminton champion PV Sindhu dedicates her trophy to PM Modi, Ashok Swain makes a bizarre comparison with Modi to Saddam Hussein.

He must realise that it is her trophy and her wish to dedicate to whomsoever she wants.

A traitor is always bound by a belief that he owes nothing to his Motherland.

Ashok Swain proves exactly that point.

Ashok Swain seriously needs to be investigated by Indian authorities bcoz time and again he has stood by Pakistan against his own Motherland.

Hatred for Modi has turned into hatred for India.

For hatemongers like Ashok Swain, ChristChurch attack was the perfect oppurtunity to drag Indian PM and propagate hate towards Hindus.


In a bid to show how the DeMo scheme was hurting businessmen, NDTV Ravish Kumar introduced an Ajay Arora as head of Traders Association, all the while forgetting to mention his Cong background.

This was later exposed by Tajinder Bagga

While being the Senior Executive Editor of NDTV INDIA, Ravish kumar’s channel is said to have aired sensitive details while during the Pathankot terror-ops.

The Inter Misterial Committee(IMC) noted with “grave concern” that the channel

had “revealed sensitive details like location of ammunition depot and the place where terrorists were held up, location of school and residential areas”.

The IMC also noted that “NDTV India appeared to give out the exact location of the remaining terrorists in the Pathankot airbase attack during the live telecast”

Though NDTV was punished by ‘one day ban’ it was put on hold later.

Former Bihar Congress VP Brajesh Kumar who is also brother of Ravish Kumar was alleged of sexual exploitation by a Dalit minor girl. She had complained Brajesh Kumar along with another accomplice has sexually exploited her

when she was underage & she also claimed they were running a sex racket.

Brajesh Kumar later resigned & was absconding

The case has now come to a closure after the complainant has agreed to compromise & marry Brajesh’s accomplice.

In his bid to showcase his ‘Moral Compass’ journalist ethics, Ravish kumar ridicules other Indian media channels.
This shameful act of his is aired on pakistani news channel ‘Dunya News’



Gurmehar kaur rose to fame by holding a placard which was absurd and questionable in some people’s point of view.

Those who questioned her were termed as trolls & she became a liberals darling overnight & an icon of freedom

.of speech. But in a few months she did exactly the same against which she stood for, that is by threatening a teenager for a Facebook post which had a meme on her.

The meme was neither morphed nor vulgar & was fine within limits of

freedom of expression.Later the meme was taken down and cyberbullying by Gurmehar kaur won the day.

After this incident, few months later she was one of the speakers at Jawahar Bhawan which had the topic “Anti Bullying Workshop” !!!

After the recent Pulwama attacks rather than condemning the terrorist attack, Gurmehar gives moral lessons to fellow countrymen.

She thinks peace talks with terrorists is the only solution.She doesnt want India to retaliate after this cowardly act

Pic 1 – Gurmehar Kaur asks as to why patriotism should be taught to teenagers !!

Pic 2,3&4 – One can always tell from where she is getting influenced & such hypocritical thoughts from.


India Today journalist Mausami Singh was so overwhelmed by entry of Priyanka Vadra into politics.

In this video watch how Mausami Singh teaches the crowd to speak, cheer & applause for Priyanka Vadra before interviewing them.


Watch this video to see how Mausami Singh behaves like a bodyguard cum personal secretary to Mani Shankar Aiyar. She heckles her fellow journalists and tries to be a cheerleader for Mani Shankar Aiyar


In this tweet Kavita Krishnan seems to have experienced nervous breakdown after Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan wani was killed by the Indian Army.

Sympathizing with a terrorist is one of the main agenda for a communist.


After the recent Pulwama attacks, Kavita Krishnan tweets a fake story that Modi is laughing when the entire nation mourns.
The image she shared was actually a 4 year old photo!

For communists like Kavita Krishnan, targeting Hindu festivals is on top of the list.

Kavita shares an article which tries to separate Diwali from Hinduism and calls it a non religious affair

As usual without any fact check, Kavita peddles lies about BHU VC along with journalist Rajdeep sardesai.

After BHU VC calls out the fake story, Rajdeep apologises and deletes the tweet but Kavita krishnan still has it


During the Pulwama terror attack on CRPF jawans, Sanjukta Basu tries to create a false narrative by showing Modi as conspirator of the attacks.

This tweet comes from Sanjukta, even though JeM had taken responsibility for the attacks.

In this tweet Sanjukta Basu praises Imran khan and shockingly calls PM Modi as a ‘teenage junkie’.

She denigrates the post of PM of her own country by making absurd comparisons and bringing in irrelevant topics like Demonetisation & Rafale.


John was part of the NAC during the MMS govt.

He was one among those who drafted the Communal Violence Bill in which victims of communal violence could be only from religious minorities

It was clearly an anti majority(Hindu) bill

John Dayal was one among those activists who wrote to PM Modi requesting the Central Government not to deport the illegal Rohingya immigrants in India.

He does not realize this could badly affect National security.

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