World must beat China with its own stick

China as a country needs to be made to feel accountable by the world community… and it surely will.

There is a dire need to systematically weaken and disintegrate China d/t the country’s hegemonist and destructive DNA. No other way out for the world.

Unfortunate that the now financially weakened NATO countries – who are themselves a master at this game – may not be able to take on the night of the Chinese machinery.

That is ironic because they themselves fattened Chinese economy over the past two decades through direct FDI and made it world’s manufacturing hub as well as their biggest market for products and services.

This seemingly puts China in a much stronger position. I don’t expect much in the immediate run, but eventually, the world will see flight of Western companies to India, Indonesia, Malaysia or Philippines.

The only way out for a financially beleaguered world could also be an all-out war that they twitch for badly, but lack the will to actually press the button.

Meanwhile, they may take more steps towards the eventual bipolar Third World War! Such move are essential. The world must put China in its place.

– Neeraj Saxena

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