Rogue generals of China who hate India, want war

Ambitious General of Western Theatre Command of PLA General Zhao Zongqi threatens to derail regional balance in Asia!

General Zhao Zongqi has been heading the newly-created Western Theatre Command since 2016 and has led an almost perfect career, something most of his peers can only dream of…

Ambitious General Threatens to Derail Regional Balance in Asia

Next… Why the World Needs to Know about General Xu Qiling who is the Commander Ground Forces of PLA’s Western Theatre Command –

On June 5th 2020, it was announced that Lieutenant General Xu Qiling (徐起零), of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), will oversee the Western Theatre Command ground forces which are currently responsible for what is going on.



General Zhao Zongqi is also well-known in India for having commanded the Chinese troops during the Dokalam episode. Zhao knows every inch and corner of the Indian border, at least the Eastern and Central sectors, including Nathu La, where the famous fist-fight incident had occurred.

For Zhao having ended Doklam in stalemate where the international opinion was vividly against China for invading a peaceful country like Bhutan was a humilation & to seek revenge and to teach India a lesson, he chose this sector in Ladakh & its timing both. Zhao is Xi’s handpicked General !

So, probably, Galwan was planned many months back… say February, just when Wuhan virus was infiltrated into India. General Zhao, who is Xi’s confidant, handpicked a team of commanders leading Western Theatre Command like General Xi Quiling, who was appointed Cmdr Ground Forces only in June 5.

General Xu is also one of Xi’s trusted man who belongs to a peasent’s family and had played a critical role in crushing the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989.

Thus, Galwan operation has full blessings of Xi Jingping who heads the CMC as Chairman to whom the PLA directly reports.

So don’t be under an impression that Chinese General Zhao of WTC of PLA has gone rogue! Absolutely not! They have full blessings of President Xi who directly heads the CMC that controls the PLA. However, Galwan clash has turned out to be an embrassement & humilation both for the PLA.

There is apparently no rift between PLA & Xi, while there is certainly a difference or rift between Xi & Li and Deng Clique, who advocate more softer tone in China’s approach to the world. Xi, however, has the backing of Shanghai Oligarchy led by Jiang Zemin faction.

Shanghai Oligarchy faction thinks this is Tiananmen Square moment for Beijing once again and aggression is the best defence. Xi is able to prevail over difference with Li & Deng Clique with help of Shanghai Oligarchy who dominate the PLA structure & are firmly with CMC.

Shanghai Oligarchy controls all the levers in the balance between CCP & PLA. Zemin & Hu Jin Tao are its patrons. They primarily control China’s biological weapons research programmes, including the BSL Lab in Wuhan & elsewhere that function under the military research of PLA. They back Xi firmly with ‘solutions’

However, there is a catch. Shanghai Oligarchy is now backing Xi firmly but how long remains to be seen given the global outrage China has been facing on multiple fronts. After all, Xi targetted Shanghai Oligarchy faction in his anti-corruption drive over past few years.

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