Pakistani Jihad factory – Video Post

Pakistan’s Cabinet Minister, Shekh Rasheed, has insisted in parliament that “conducting Jihad is mandatory in Islam. If a Muslim does not go to do Jihad, he is no longer a Muslim.” –


See the shocking claims of Pakistan’s Parliamentary Minister Ali Mohammed reminding people of the brutality of Islamic looters Mohammed Bin Qasim & Mehmud Ghazni against Hindus. Pakistan speaks out its intentions of Gazwa-e-Hind, suggesting that 22 crore Pakis and 30 crore muslims from India will support them. They will kill all Hindus, he hallucinates.


Pakistan is a failed and jihadi state. Everyone who has the great misconception that Pakistan wants peace should know better from their past record and such statements. They could not handle Bangladesh and lost it in 1971. Today, Bangladesh is much more successful and developed than Pakistan. And now, the conditions are such that Pakistan can not even even handle Baluchistan.


First, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Qureshi accidently acccepted that Masood Azhar is in Pakistan during the course of an interview.

Interviewer: JEM has taken responsibility for the attack Pak FM Qureshi: They have Not. There’s confusion on it.

Interviewer: Where’s the confusion?

Pak FM: The leadership had contacted them..They said No..

Interviewer: leadership had contacted who???

Pak FM : 🙊🙊

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