Kamla’s “Indian” fangs are out

None of the adverse news emanating from Washington DC should bother the knowledgable Indians who knew all this was expected the moment idiotic NRIs sided with Democrats to vote out Donald Trump because .. well, he was an ‘idiot’ in their eyes. Their vote may not have played a decisive role but their Dhimmitude definitely aided and made the road to Capitol Hill easier for the Democrat duo.

NO, they voted against him out of their Dhimmitude and because of the constant vicious campaign against him by the Left-minded media cabal and other lobbies that desperately wanted Biden-Kamla to be installed in saddle. Trump’s mishandling of Chinese virus Covid-19 did not help matters.

That Joe-Kamla would work against Indian interests was amply clear, nearly a foregone conclusion. But what has alarmed me is the alacrity and speed with which they have gone about it the moment they have wrested the reins of power.. in fact, the very first day. THAT is how fast, decisive and ruthless the anti-Right is the world over. They are not just very powerful, but also very organised and far too dangerous for ordinary citizens to understand.

Unlike the Rightist Americans, unlike the pro-Hindus of India who always act like a cissy kid reluctant to take bold steps! Trump may have had many shortcomings but he was world’s best hope for setting many things right. And let’s have no doubt he was wrongfully ousted by the fraud done in the name of postal ballots. And this will become amply clear in the times to come.

I can only pity the dumb jokers who celebrated, aided by the agenda-led media, installation of a fraction “Indian” as the US Veep. The lady is vicious very. And their actions and utterances are only an early bad omen. MyInd it! India in Putin’s lap, anyone? But we have hope as long as we have charismatic Modi leading us.

  • Neeraj Saxena

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Biden administration to revive military-to-military ties with Pakistan
The New Administration that comes into being after about 6 hours have this gift for India. Gen Lloyd Austin gives his opening statement before the US Senate Armed Services Committee during his confirmation hearing for the post of Secretary of Defence
The Biden administration sees Pakistan as an “essential partner” in any peace process in Afghanistan and believes that “continuing to build relationships with Pakistan’s military will provide openings for the United States and Pakistan to cooperate on key issues,” says its nominated defence chief Gen Lloyd J Austin.
Gen Austin made these remarks during his confirmation hearing for the post of secretary of defence before the United States Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.

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