Abhinandan didn’t realise he had landed in PoK

In hostile territory, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman put up valiant resistance, tried to secure secret documents.

The moment his MIG 21 Bison crashed after taking down enemy’s F16, he bailed out but his parachute drifted and he landed across the LoC in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Unaware of where he was, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman shouted and asked some youngsters who started to gather there whether it was India or Pakistan.

He continuously chanted slogans to see how they reacted as they tried to mislead him and tell him that it was India that he had landed in. But after listening to his slogans, one of the Pakistanis couldn’t resist and started attacking him with stones.

He immediately realised he was on the wrong turf. In a moment like this, he maintained his calm and with a broken back and bruises, fired gunshots in the air, pushing backwards facing them as they chased him while throwing stones till half a kilometre.

Seeing a mob rushing towards him, he immediately jumped into a nearby pond, took out some important documents from his pocket, soaked them in water and ate them as he was being attacked by the mob despite a broken back and other crash injuries.

He kept fighting them and destroyed any important evidence that could have proved dangerous. This was until he was shot in the leg by the guy in this video, got outnumbered, captured by them and almost got lynched to death. We all know the rest.

Read the entire news on Tribune India’s website:

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Wg Cdr Abhinandan’s “bravery DNA” came from his mother

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