Pakistani hydrophobia driven by stupidity

There is a negative hydrophobic mind, afflicted with fake militarism, that drives Pakistan thinking about India. Without a doubt.

There are people there who are doing so much to build hatred against India.

On water issues, foremost has been Bashir A Malik, a hydroengineer. He has played a significant role in building up Tarbela dam and lobbies support for Pakistani cause.

Nothing wrong in being devoted to the welfare of the masses, one’s own countrymen.

At one place in his book on water woes of the Pakistanis, he escalates it to nuclear sabre rattling. He advocates use of nuclear capabilities to settle water issues!

“If the worst became worse, Pakistan than a fledgling infant State, is a potent nuclear power to reckon with today. In a do or die scenario, she shall not fail whatever the cost to protect her water rights – life blood for her people and the economy.”

This is from his book Indus Water Treaty in Retrospect written in 2005. (Page no 206, last paragraph.)

He is from Musharraf era and condemns all moves for reconciliation and build ‘confidence-building measures’.

Today, in 2019, Precision Agriculture technology driven by Artificial intelligence as against artificial stupidity which drives Pakistan’s policies are available and the answer lies there. These are technical interventions available with Israel.

The tech of Artificial Stupidity may seem made up, but is not. It is used by Jaish, other terrorist groups and nearly all Pakistan affiliates apparently to advance its interests.

– Sant Kumar Sharma

(Sant Sharma is veteran J&K based journalist. This is an excerpt from the author’s forthcoming book on Indus Water Treaty to be published soon.)

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