We must salute Rohit Gour

Rohit Singh Gour, an alarmed Uber driver of Mumbai, who drove an ultra leftist passenger Bappaditya Sarkar to the police station instead of his destination, is now in the eye of a storm.

He has been suspended by Uber and leftists are now baying for his blood.

“Iss country mein aag lagne wali hai” is what Sarkar was saying on the phone while mentioning Shaheen Bagh, according to Rohit. Which aware citizen would ignore such an alarming conversation?

Rohit was reported as saying: “He was talking to someone over the phone. He kept discussing the protest and doing something big for which he had also traveled to Nagpur, Jaipur, etc. He was saying that how female audience here in Mumbai are giving good response and something big can be done here also.”

Rohit, 35, is a first-year BCom dropout. He travelled to Mumbai 14 years ago from Bhopal with dreams of being a Bollywood actor. He has been driving an Uber cab for two-and-a-half years. His father is a retired government employee in Bhopal.

Rohit had picked up ultra leftist Sarkar from Silver beach area in Juhu. He was supposed to drop him at Kurla.

Rohit has been quoted as saying that he became afraid that the ultra leftist Sarkar was planning to do something big in Mumbai. Therefore, he chose to take the cab near Santacruz police station. He told the ultra leftist that he was going to the ATM for cash. He instead went inside the police station and informed the cops.

Police questioned the ultra leftist

passenger and let both him and the driver go as they did not find anything incriminating, based upon a conversation.

Shockingly however, Uber, instead of rewarding him for being an aware and alert citizen, has suspended him from driving the cab for them until further notice.

Leftists and anti-nationals are openly saying on Twitter and other social media that they will report him and his action wherever they see him… in short, make his life miserable now that he is in media glare.

But the brave, unfettered Rohit says he will do it again if he has to! The driver has his view and freedom of speech. He did the right thing as any suspicious activity should be reported to police as by any responsible citizen. This is what any cab driver should do.

In US and any other developed world country, he would have been feted by the employer as well as other official agencies for his alacrity.

But in a pseudo democracy, he is being allowed to be punished by one of the better-known new-age companies of US. Could Uber do the same in the US and get away with such an action?

Uber is a pseudo secular Leftist company. Rohit did not really break any law, nor violate any norms. He did the right thing that any alert citizen in his place should have done.

Mumbai BJP did the right thing by recognising him. Mumbai BJP president and builder Mangal Prabhat Lodha met Rohit and awarded him. But he needs to be rehabilitated, and compensated. Uber needs to be sued too. Would Lodha go beyond the lip service and give Rohit a decent job?

It is time more people come out in support of the brave man and throw their weight behind him. He has lost out on a job and gained unnecessary fame that will impinge upon his right to livelihood without having committed any crime.

All responsible citizens should come out of their comfort zone and react in support of Rohit else it will not only set a bad precedent and kill the spirit of 100 other Rohits. Will you, please?

– Neeraj Saxena

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