Know these hidden enemies of India – Part 2

Nationalist warriors on social media put in a lot of hard work to expose the anti-nationals. Due to their collective efforts, a number of anti-nationals were arrested by the police, thrown out from universities and jobs, or suspended. This is a compilation of some such cases that we know of.

One more down !!

One more down !!

He got fired from his job for saying “This is called the real surgical strike”

Now he can write Proud Terrorist in his account.

One more down !!

FIR Registered against this scumbag for saying “happy about today Aaj chicken dinner hoga” quoting Pulwama Terror attack

Tho after FIR he deleted the post & Apologized. could be arrested anytime now

One more Zehadi down for commenting “This is real surgical strike”

Well done @ZydusUniverse


One more Scumbag down,

Mazhar Hashmi arrested in Gopalganj Bihar.

One more down,

Well done @LW3210 for spotting this scumbag

Thank you @maupolice


One more down !!

College Authority has condemned her statement & forwarded to the management & told to file FIR to suspend her.


One more scum down

Dehradun student also got expelled from BFIT & university promised not to admit any Kashmiri student in future after protest. He bursted crackers in campus after Pulwama attack.

Student from college said- iski dhulai bhi huyi hai

One more Lefty Scum down, FIR registered against Debjit for supporting separatism

One more scum down, Vaibhav Shamsher rana has been expelled from Graphic Hill University for justifying Terror attack & University has filed an official FIR against him

After FIR he started posting pro army & India posts, will be arrested soon.

Thank you @GraphicEraHill1

Terrorist Supporter Papri Benerjee got fired from University & Assam Police registered complaint. Well done Icon College for taking strong action against Terrrosist sympathizer.

One more scumbag down

Mohammed Ashraf has been terminated from his sales DSE position by @HyundaiIndia

A big thank to these big corporates standing against terrorism.

One more scumbag down

Razab khan suspended by Jaynarayan college, Lucknow for warning the similar consequences like Pulwama & FIR has been registered against him in Sarojini Nagar.

One more Terror supporter down

Urban Naxal Surabhi Singh got fired from her NGO

Thank You @CFARngo


Official copy of FIR from Sarojini nagar police station on Razab Khan for threatening similar consequences as Pulwama.


Yesterday few people were doubting the arrest of this Zehade Mazhar Hashmi in Gopalganj, Bihar. Here is the official confirmation (…)

One more scum down

Principal Mohamad Ikraam Ajmeri got suspended for abusing Army in school prayer. Imagine the kind of Radicals have infiltrated in our education system

More and more chips are falling, 4 Kashmiri girls suspended from NIMS Jaipur for celebrating Pulwama terror attack.

One more Scumbag down for rejoicing Terrorism

He is from Uttar Pradesh… Anyone saying Kashmir is Political issue needs to wash their face… with Tezaa b

2 more scumbags Down.

FIR registered against Mujassam Gani & Rafi Farooq from MIT Moradabad.

MIT administration Has suspended Both Of them. One arrested, other is absconding


One more Scumbag down, Case registered against Arman for calling Terror attack an insider job.

One more scumbag down, tho Tanveer Ahmed doesn’t work at Franco India but company has initiated Legal action against him.

The biggest scumbag down.

FIR registered against Shehla Rashid for spreading fake News and deliberate attempt of incitement.

Hope she spends some time in Tihar.

Another scum down

FIR registered against Bilal Tyagi for abusing India in response to Pulwama attack.

UP police has done commendable job. Muzafarnagar has been hotbed for pak and Zehad supporters.

One more zehadi vermin down.

Mohammed Tousif who wanting to bomb Modi and singing praises of Pak army arrested in Katihar, Bihar.

Credit to local hindu organization to following this case

Expect NDTV/Wire to bail him out and him hero for his hatred towards Modi

One more scumbag down

Eshfaq khawajah suspended from IIMT & FIR is Lodged against him

His college in Delhi was initially protecting him but Credit to @sharmaAvl & @iKapoorSid who went to his college & Local police station & got this bastard nailed

3 more scumbags down

3 Kashmiri Students Gowhar Mushtaq Haris Manzoor & Zakir Maqbool were arrested by the Surya Nagara police for assaulting classmatemate Koushik Debnath who was abusing Pulwama Suicide Bomber

But Liberal Bokachodas will tell tou Kashmiris are under attack.


One more scum down

Shahnur islam arrested in Goalpara for commenting “Well done” to the Terrorist

Well done @assampolice and now waiting for that professor papri to be Brought to justice🙏

One more scum down

This time youth leader of Congress for saying “Modi did Pulwama attack”

I wont be surprised if Liar @RahulGandhi have told him to post that

After action taken by @amethipolice He started posting pro Modi posts😂

4 more Scumbag down

1 – zaidul islam sofi
Company – Vinyas Pharmaceutical limited.

2 – Ronak Bashir
Company – Sun pharma

3 – Aarif Bashir
Company – Sun Pharma

4 – Sheikh Sabir Ahmed
Company – Sun Pharma

They all got terminated from their job.
big thank to these corporates

One more Scumbag down

Khairul Islam, studying in Ledo Junior College from the Tinsukia District has been detained by the Ledo Police for posting an anti-national comment ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ on Facebook just after the tragic Pulwama attack.

Thank you @assampolice

Mohammed Tousif who wanting to bomb Modi and singing praises of Pak army calling them sher & Indian Army gidad got beaten in Katihar court

Tho beating is wrong & no one should take Law in their hand, Sarcasm of Lawyer is 11 out of 10. bring him on Twitter😂🙏


This thread is the constant reminder that few rosy words cant slay the facts @khanumarfa

Every @jaavedjaaferi there are hundreds of Abid, Mazhar & Osamas

I will make sure this thread reaches to the every corner to this country.

One more scumbag down

Vijay Lewa booked for justifying Terrorism

Lewa ke Loye lag gaye

Thank you @AhmedabadPolice

Another scumbag down

Jilekha Bi, A school teacher in Belagavi arrested for saying “Pakistan ki Jay ho” after Pulwama Terror Attack

When education infiltrated with such radicals, People bound to vote for 90% Mozlem vote seeking party

CC- @rohini_sgh A must read thread for you


One more scumbag down

FIR Lodged against Samajwadi Party Memeber Ravi Prakash Maurya for feeling proud of Terrorist

Samajwadi Party Spokesperson @rohini_sgh must be proud of such criticism by her party Member

Thank you @balliapolice & @Uppolice 🙏


One More Scumbag down

Mohammad Farman Khan arrested by Shahjahanpur Police for saying “Hindustan Murdabad” on facebook

This is the kind of criticism loved by @rohini_sgh & @scroll_in


A thread by Comrade Squinty

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