Porkistan & the lil babe Salman

This Lil Babe of politics Salman… went ahead with his Pakistan trip despite Pulwama attack and quite mindful of India’s sentiments. He gushed over Imran’s Pakistan while the latter went all out to win him over.

With half the nation already sold to China, the other half it seems will now be offered on a platter to Saudi Arabia by Pakistan. What a wonderful cocktail that would be! On one hand, the fulcrum of Islam and on the other, a communist dictatorship like China which is hellbent upon punishing and destroying Islam from its territories. And the twain shall never meet.

In our contest, it may make the task difficult with much muddled PoK, CPEC and Arabian Bay waters. But have no doubt, India will break up Pakistan nevertheless, rendering this cocktail an unfulfilled dream. Sorry Salman, you are bad at picking friends!

Pakistan has a deathwish and is likely to step up covert attacks on India with the help of thousands of mini Pakistans all over India. And that will be its biggest misreading.

Pakistan has gotten away all four times by benevolent prime ministers Nehru, Shastriji, Indira and Atal ji in the past. But this time it has picked on a Kathiawadi, one who never forgets, never forgives. He will not give away the won land.

Working in cahoots with Congress (time and history will prove it), Pakistan’s timing of stepping up the attacks is perfect, speaking in strategy terms. With just three-four weeks left in the notification for general elections in India, it would seem a great strategy. But it has made the mistake of letting its rudderless terrorists also go against Iran at the same time.

Despite our popular notion that India can go to war anytime fuelled by emotions of revenge and possession of disproportionate strength, it is a tad difficult for India to mount a quick and effective offence upon Pakistan that can also be put a lid to within a specific timeframe. Or so it seems.

If PM Modi doesn’t do that, he runs a risk of losing an election. The issue would impact far more than even the general feeling of letdown on Ram Mandir amongst majority of Hindus. But knowing Modi, he would still find a way for tightrope walk. If there is one man who can, it is him.

Don’t be surprised tomorrow when India and Iran together pound this bhikhari country and smash it to smithereens, with Afghanistan and Baluch rebels lending a helping hand.

One thing is for sure, Indian federal borders might touch Iran once again in the north-west. Akhand Bharat of Aurobindo’s dream is bound to happen. And it is only a matter of time. The present generation must understand they will be witness to history in making when Bharat that is India will see its rise again as a world superpower.

It won’t come without pain, or a big price that the modern India will have to pay too, and which present population has little inkling of. But beyond that will be a Bharat on a roll once again.

As for this Salman, wait and watch the Royal Cold Delhicacies India will have in store for him in the future. He will scream Khashoggi and never mess with us again. He just bet on the wrong donkey.

– Neeraj Saxena

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