Shocking expose: Is Amartya Sen a fraudster?

Much-celebrated Noble laureate Amartya Sen was appointed as the person who would revive and set up Nalanda University by Sonia Gandhi during UPA rule. But did you know he spent Rs 2,700 crore under his leadership (he was the sole boss) for just a school building?

Modi government rightly sacked him, after which he mounted a huge negative campaign against the PM, thanks to his stature and goodwill enjoyed as a Noble prize winner.

He is married to Emma Georgina Rothschild, the heiress of Rothschilds family, which is rated as the wealthiest family with net worth of $400 billion.

The footprint of this infamous family has been present in every single UPA/Congress scam, and huge Christian Missionary conversions all across India. The latter still continues in all the Congress-ruled states.

They also run several so-called NGOs to promote hatred against BJP such as Prerana, Asha for Education, etc which basically are a front to promote Naxalism among poor kids.

It simply means Amartya Sen’s family is directly and indirectly involved in India’s Naxalism.

This is why Jean Dreze, the well-known aide of Amartya Sen, became NAC Member during UPA. Incidentally, the unconstitutional NAC with Antonio Edvige Maino alias Sonia Gandhi as its head was above the elected PM of India and controlled all UPA policies whose chairman was also Sonia Gandhi!

This aide of Amartya Sen, Jean Dreze, is now promoting Raul Vinci alias Rahul Gandhi’s Ponzi scheme across all rural Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh using their Naxal empire.

That also makes it quite clear why BJP lost Chattisgarh so badly.

It was because of a whisper campaign using the Naxal empire that Amartya Sen and his aide managed to confuse rural voters.

Amartya Sen’s family has already earned contracts worth several billion USD, just because of Congress government.

So, you see that the foreigners haven’t quite quit India yet. They are still earning billions of dollars using Amartya Sen, Sonia Gandhi kind of evil empire run by the Congress.

⁃ Aashish Raghuvanshi

Read: https://www.sundayguardianlive.com/opinion/strange-saga-amartya-sen-rothschilds

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